A Good Photograph Tells a Thousand Tales

Every job application would greatly benefit from having a good profile photograph. It gives the employer a general impression on how the jobseeker looks like, and it helps to instill a sense of confidence in the jobseeker and the employer.

So, what does a good profile photo look like? Here are just some elements that go into capturing a good profile photo:

1. Good lighting: Employer wants to see the jobseeker’s face, not the shadow! They must ensure that the lighting is bright enough for their faces to be visible.

2. Centred photo: The jobseeker’s face should be in the centre; they are the stars of their profile! It helps the recruiter to focus rather than shift their attention elsewhere.

3. Angle: Not all angles are created equal. A jobseeker should find just the right angle and that it is not too informal such as lying down.

Also, putting on a smile will go a long way for them to have the best profile photo.

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