AGE DISCRIMINATION is prevalent in the Malaysian hiring scene.

For some reason, if your age is in the 5 series, you are considered a no-go by companies. Late 40’s you are in danger zone unless you are being considered for the C-suite. Why are companies so reluctant to hire vintage candidates? The perception is

1. They lack energy and drive

2. They are behind the times and are not familiar with new trends

3. They are too set in their ways to be able to fit into a new environment

4. They are expensive compared to younger hires

Unfortunately, this blanket rejection will deprive the companies of a good quality candidate who has a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you are a vintage candidate, get involved in freelance and part-time work to show that you are still in the industry and are aware of the latest trends.

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Age is just a number, experience is what's worth.

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