Updated: Apr 15, 2019

There are a few categories of people who become freelancers.

A. Some young people do not want a 9 to 6 job. They value freedom more than the stability of a monthly paycheck.

B. Experienced hires who take time out from their careers to bring up children. In pockets of free time, they take on freelancing work.

C. Experienced hires who took a detour to become entrepreneurs but when the business failed, they find it difficult to get hired due to age discrimination. So they take on freelancing jobs. Freelancing allows you to choose the job you want. But it doesn’t mean you can relax.

A freelance job is normally taxing because you are contractually bound to deliver specific quality within a specific time. Make sure you can deliver because your reputation is your calling card.

The collection can also be a problem. After you deliver, the person may not pay or will drag payment. So do some background check on the person hiring you.

Freelancing may not be for everyone. But everyone can start to learn.

Freelance jobs are normally obtained through referrals. So you must have a good network and good friends.

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