Changing Career Paths

Changing career paths is not difficult. It is very difficult.

Not many companies will take a chance on you. You have to be mentally strong to take rejection in your stride. You also have to be steadfast in your decision.

Let’s start the process to help you.

First, you must be realistic. Put yourself in the company’s position. Ask yourself the questions the company would ask. Why should they pay you a high salary when you have the same level of experience (in that new field) as a fresher?

Highlight the inter-changeable skills that you have.

Try to link your experience and skills to the new job. Example, if you are an auditor, you know numbers well. Don’t equity analysts deal with numbers when they recommend stocks?

Take on related part time or freelance work. If you are interested in app development, learn up coding skills then offer yourself for freelancing work. That you can add to your CV.

Be realistic on the salary that you can ask for. You can always negotiate upfront with the company to accept a lower basic that is to be adjusted when you achieve certain targets.

Take the risk if you believe in yourself.

Good luck.

#duitdoit. For part time and freelance/contract jobs.

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