Do you have any weaknesses?

What are your weaknesses? Ever been asked or asked that question during an interview? Love it or hate it, it is a typical interview question.

This is DuitDo-it’s take on the question.

1. “I don’t have any weaknesses.” That comes across as arrogant. The perfect human being hasn’t been cloned yet.

2. Using an example which is actually a strength, e.g. perfectionist or competitive. Be careful when using this tactic. You don’t want to sound like you are following an interview tip. So include personal situational examples.

3. Using a personal and lighthearted example, e.g. “I love food too much!” This can lighten the mood and lead to swapping of stories but make sure you don’t sound flippant. This tactic if employed successfully can make the interviewer conclude that you can be a good networker.

4. Using a weaknesses which may be a personality trait (e.g. shy) or a skill or habit (e.g. poor in Excel) requires further explanation on what you are doing to correct the weakness. The key to this question is it should allow you to demonstrate that you are aware of your own shortcomings, open to constructive criticism and are always striving to improve yourself.

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