Have you ever felt that you are underpaid compared to your colleagues?

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Have you ever felt that you are underpaid compared to your colleagues who seem to not do as much as you do? That you are under-valued by the Management? So what is the recourse open to you?

Try to talk to the boss first with hard facts and figures – your achievements, e.g. how much revenue you brought in versus the costs, or how much inefficiencies you have cut. Then ask whether the company could reward you with a salary increase or higher bonus. Chances are, you may get a small uplift. For some reason, most times Management is reluctant to substantially increase a contributing employee’s remuneration until they are faced with the staff’s resignation.

Perhaps they do not want to encourage the practice of more staff asking for higher pay. Whatever the reason, it is common for Management to only counter-offer when a staff resigns, at which time, it could be too late. Not a good practice. Ever faced this situation before?

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