Interview Tips for Dummies, DuitDo-it’s version.

1. Be a private investigator (PI) before the interview. Learn all you can about the company 2. Be an internal auditor. Know yourself inside out – your strengths and weaknesses, previous jobs and achievements. Then let the internal auditor meet the PI to reason out why the company should hire you.

3. Be a stalker (harmless one). Ask who will interview you, research about them and how they look. Repeat their names and remember their faces until they become like old friends. But don’t be over-friendly during the interview!

4. Have your questions for the interviewer ready.

5. Check out where the office is and the parking. Have a trial run to test traffic.

6. Be early, dress neatly and appropriately (according to the job), smell nice or odorless (don’t overdo the cologne), and bring your documents.

7. Switch off your phone.

8. Listen carefully to the questions asked. Ask for clarification if not sure. PTA – Pause, Think, Answer.

9. Project energy but don't be hyper.

10. Follow up with an email to thank the interviewer and reiterate your interest in the job.

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The interview session is just a tip of the iceberg.

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