Opting for your Masters, is it a good idea?

Many fresh grads, tired of failing to secure their dream job opt to take their Masters. Is that a good idea? Will that help in your employ ability later?

First, are you doing it for the right reasons? Is it because you are really in search of knowledge or are you running away from the tedium of job hunting? With the exception of a few companies, most employers do not place much distinction between a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. Experience counts more.

In 1 – 2 years’ time, you will still need to repeat the job hunting process. Worse, there may be 2 extra negative factors: (1) the employer may feel you are over-qualified; (2) if the future economic outlook is not promising, the job market could be tighter when you graduate. Unless you wish to pursue a career in academia or your field places a lot of emphasis on post grad qualification, you could be better off working on other jobs to put on your CV if your objective is to enhance your employ ability.

With 1 or 2 year working experience under your belt, your salary will also increase accordingly.

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