Improving your English

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Having a good grasp of English is a beneficial asset to own, whether it's for your full-time or your part-time, contract, or freelance job. So, what can you do NOW to improve your English?

1. Read books. Choose books according to your level of English. If necessary, start with children’s books. Do not read novels if you have not grasped the fundamentals of English, such as plural vs singular, or past tense vs present tense.

2. Watch English programs. As you read the subtitles, listen to the words to match the meaning and pronunciation.

3. Practice your English. Converse with your family and friends. This is very important. You cannot improve if you do not speak. Don’t worry if it is broken English. Practice makes perfect. If it sounds weird to you, it is probably incorrect. Keep practicing.

4. Write in English. Let Microsoft Word tell you whether you have made a spelling mistake or a grammatical error in your sentence.

Do not underestimate the power of English language skills. Having good English skills can be of great benefit.

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