A company offers you a much higher salary than what you’re getting. You happily accept. Suddenly, you find yourself in the wrong company. You can’t get out because the employment market is bad. Plus no new company wants to match your salary. You start to rot when:

1. Things don’t move. Nobody wants to take the responsibility of decision-making

2. You are a doctor with supernatural powers. You can predict who will be on MC come Monday or days pre/post public holidays, normally due to food poisoning or migraines.

3. The cafeteria is the go-to place if you cannot find your colleague.

4. If you want to see and smell the delights of Malaysian food, walk around the office in the morning. The spectacle is available up to half an hour after office opening hour.

5. People start packing to go home a few minutes before time.

6. The company observes strict documentation on instructions and decisions. No paper trail, no action.

7. Family day, annual dinner and company trip time are when the staff are most dedicated and diligent.

8. Time based work-life balance is strictly observed.

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