The complete guide to CVs, DuitDo-it’s version.

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Let's just jump straight to the point.

1. Length: 2 - 3 pages

2. Objective statement: Better to omit because most people forget to customize, and the selling points are not original.

3. Address: Just put area, e.g. Shah Alam. No need full address.

4. Photo: Optional. If want to include, make sure it does not look like a police mug shot or a glamour shoot.

5. Layout: No need to be too fancy until the key information is lost but not too old-fashioned (as though typed on word-processor).

6. Format: PDF but you may be asked for the Word version later. 7. Font: Easily readable, recommend sans serif font at least size 10.

8. Focus: Professional memberships and achievements. Do not put full job description, just key responsibilities.

9. Part time work and internship: To include if you do not have much experience.

10. Extra-curricular activities: Only to show you are well-rounded. Do not include a long list. 11. Additional training / short courses taken: Only key ones if they are relevant.

12. Family status: No need to include children or marital status.

13. Check there are no errors and the formatting is professional (indents and alignment).

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