Why do you keep getting rejected?

Do you know why you keep getting rejected? And not even getting a reply from the recruiter?

That will definitely be the case if it is immediately obvious to the reader that you are just spamming out applications. This implies that you are not serious enough or interested enough. Otherwise, you would spend some time to craft out your application, right?

Here are the obvious signs:

1. A vague email subject title e.g. “Vacancy” or “Resume” which you think covers all types of jobs for all types of companies.

2. A mother of all vacancies application: applying for “the/any vacancy which suits my experience and qualifications” without any indication of what you are good at, and expecting the recruiter to read through your whole CV and then match you with all their vacancies. They will most likely ignore you.

3. Applying for a vacancy where you have zero match in terms of qualification and experience. There’s a 99.99% chance you won’t get a reply.

If you do not take your job application seriously, neither will anyone else. Agree?

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