Video Resume

Video resume is a face-to-face virtual interaction between jobseekers and employers. Employer able to evaluate the soft skill of a person through body language, tone and visual appearance. It is also a tool for jobseekers to present themselves to the world virtually. 

Important Key Points to include in Video Resume

What is your soft skill and technical skills?

What is your strongest trait?

Why company must hire you?

You may use language you are good at to do the video resume. You can choose to do

in infographics, animation or any form of video which enables to sell yourself to the world.

Below are some of the examples of how to do a video resume. 

There are no restriction to how you present your video resume or language used. However,

we do suggest you to plan ahead on your resume. Do keep in mind that different type

of video is used to target different employers. Do chat with Stiv if you have any question.